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Providing nutrient-dense, locally grown, and ethically produced food within our community; especially for those in need.

Our Common Home Farms is offering a Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) program open to everyone in our community. You can have a direct connection with the people who grow your food. As a CSA member, you can purchase a share of the harvest at the beginning of the growing season and, once the CSA season begins, receive fresh produce on a weekly basis.



We strive to educate on sustainable agricultural practices. Farms will offer education on agricultural methods, the relationship of faith and values to working the soil and building community, and how to extend local food production beyond our own fields and hoop-houses.



A major aim or Our Common Home Farms is to help address the suffering of the many fellow community members in need. Our Common Home Farms will both help feed the poor through donations to local food banks and community food kitchens. ​



We have responsibilities inherent within the communion of each individual with the human family and the natural world; and to build climate change resilience in the areas of food production, the creation of habitat, and the mitigation of climate change processes


2018 update: 

We had a successful 2018: We donated >600 pounds of food from the Sacred Heart Community Support Garden and >4,300 pounds of produce from OCHF at Pigman's Produce Patch.


February, 2019 update: 

We have already planted nearly 300 plants that will be transplanted to the fields by the end of February!!

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